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Backyard Wedding Chandeliers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Backyard weddings are making a comeback and I am here for it! The intimacy of a wedding at home can really be an awesome affair if you have the right decor and food! I almost feel it can be a blank canvas upon which brides and grooms can draw their design ideas and food ideas into a more cohesive whole — than say at an establishment with a caterer.

One important aspect of a backyard wedding is the decor — which sets the ambience. Our acrylic chandeliers are perfect pairings to an intimate backyard wedding. They can float from trees, float above tables, be part of the ceremony or go over a dessert or drink table. Possibilities are endless.

Five Whimsy Lane recently used our chandeliers in her "Sip and Succulents" wedding. She styled White Fancy Acrylic Chandelier perfectly. Take a look and grab some bridal shower or wedding ideas from her gorgeous shoot!

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