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Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Barbie and her iconic pink go so well with our Hot Pink Fancy Chandelier. They make perfect party partners and are a fun way to throw a themed party for your child or adult! Our friend Jessica, from Celebration Stylist, recently designed a gorgeous Barbie inspired party for adults. 

1. First, always pick a central color. In this instance, we are using PINK to thread its way throughout the party. Start off with the cake. It's the easiest piece, especially if you buy a pre-made one and then add to it (like the barbie topper).

2. Use a side table for cake, and gifts, and flowers. Use our Fancy Chandelier to hang over the table, creating a pink focal point. Have the gift boxes be barbie inspired. Search party stores or Etsy for barbie-themed decor. Or create your own with barbie colors!

3. Create a table runner (like the black and white Kate Spade inspired tablescape pictured) and fun party plates. You can find barbie plates almost everywhere, or just grab a solid pink plate and decorate it with barbie napkins! Use one of our fancy chandeliers to create instant glamour to the party space. Easy to hang, weighing only 3 lbs and no lights — you can play with where to put it without any worry. Decorate your home afterward with our chandelier! Hang over a bathtub or in a kid's space for a pop of color and glamour!

4. Cap it off with balloons and barbie garland. Make individual balloons for floor or create a dramatic balloon garland (very on trend right now!) Use pink, black, gold and white for barbie flair or keep it all pink in various shades if this is for a child. Either way. have fun with it and go crazy! Barbie-themed parties are a great way to throw an easy party without worrying or wondering how to create a birthday party on a budget.

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