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Bridal + Baby Shower Party Ideas

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I think sometimes the bridal shower is more fun to plan than the wedding. There is less pressure and it’s just a great excuse to get your friends together and have a party. There are so many ideas out there for bridal and baby showers that it can be overwhelming. We think planning a party or event should be easy for the average person to do. It can be so exciting to have a Pinterest worthy party, but sometimes you just want a party that you can throw yourself without being too burdened by details, theme or decor.

Some fun ideas:

1. Pick a theme: unicorns, flamingos, rainbows, floral, pineapples, watermelon, fashion designers like Lilly or Kate Spade

2. Design with theme’s colors: pick a strong color to thread through the whole party

3. Create a main centerpiece: floral, chandelier, cookies, cake, plates

4. Have fun

Lilly Pulitizer Bridal Shower

This fun styled shoot by A Lively Affair was a perfect spring/summer bridal shower inspired by Lilly Pulitizer. They used our Fancy Chandelier in a tree and the effect was amazing.

Romantic Florals Bridal Shower

Another stunning bridal shower— the kind of party that is dreamy, romantic and so girly— is the one styled by Kate Murtaugh Events. Soft pinks, bright pinks, ombre table settings and Sugarfina candies make this bridal luncheon shower just gorgeous.

Oh Baby Shower

Ericka Marie, from Ericka Marie Designs created this adorable gold and white Baby Shower party. The ease and glam factor of our faux collapsible acrylic chandeliers allows you to decorate in a modern way. Any place you can position a hook in ceiling or a temporary hook, is all you need to hang our chandelier. We give you all the elements to design a party or space with ease and design functionality. I am not tooting our horn here. When you see a space with our chandeliers over a dessert table, or dinner party, a bed, on the porch, over a bathtub — you name it, it will go there — it heightens and creates instant glamour and whimsy.

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