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Wedding Decor Ideas

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Wedding decor is one of the most important details of a wedding. It can transform the space from simple to wow. Using our chandeliers as accent decor can help turn a blah corner into a great corner, or when saying "I do" for some visual impact.

Consider using the chandelier as a princess accessory as in the Beauty and the Beast themed wedding with this couple, Using the forest as their backdrop — they were able to create a dramatic vignette with the White Fancy Chandelier and some set pieces. The effect is dramatic and glamorous!

To create a wedding with a one theme of color — like neon — can create a singular flow to the wedding design and decor. Small pops of neon and the Pink Fancy Chandelier create a sophisticated and seamless look from the dining table, to the dessert table and to amazing photographs with the bride. It's a fun and modern approach to designing a wedding that will amaze guests.

Using the chandeliers for your wedding is a fun, inexpensive way to create high drama and glamour (like using the chandelier against a champagne wall!). Reuse the chandelier later in your home or outside on the porch. The chandelier can be used as an accessory prop for photos, tables and more.

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