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Coastal Hanukkah Dinner

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Recently I created styled content for Hey Rhody's November issue for Hanukkah.

I designed a floral menorah from scratch and created a bright and modern table setting for dinner. A creative approach in celebrating Hanukkah with family and friends is creating a coastal theme paired with the traditional colors of Hanukkah. When you think outside the box you can tailor your holidays in a unique way.

To create the table — take a modern approach to Hanukkah by making a floral menorah. Taking a cue from the coast we paired blues, grays, a pop of yellow and silver accents to build out the menorah. To make your own menorah — build by layers and nestle tapered candles of silver, blue and one gold in floral bricks. This is a fun way to create the seven-candle traditional menorah. Silver chargers, bowls of blue and gold plates with floral etched dreidels work well with clear dreidels filled with silver gelt. The gold floral dreidel plates compliment the florah menorah and gold candle. A table runner with hanukkah candles in a modern pattern creates movement and direction for the setting.

When preparing a tablescape for a party, event or in this case holiday — look no further than where you live. Gather ideas from the beach — and since November and December are montonal — this theme hits perfectly.

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