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Decorating Your Office Space

One room that often gets neglected and overlooked is your home office. This is where you either spend a bulk of your time or use to supplement your off site work. It should be a place of positivity, color and organization (hello Marie Kondo). One easy way to implement that is through using one of our chandeliers. It can hang right over your chair and desk, or over a craft table, computer printer, laser cutter. Our friend Paula from Polka Dot Paper Company and fellow alum of Creative Founders, uses our Turquoise Fancy Chandelier in her home office. Such a pretty pop of color that helps inspire her work.

Next we also have our friend and alum from Creative Founders, Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes, using our Hot Pink Fancy in her home office and studio. Since this is also a signature color of hers, it works perfectly as a decorative accessory that highlights all her beautiful work and office. Her exuberance and joy are contagious and we are so happy she uses our chandelier in that way too.

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