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Home Decor Accent Chandeliers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We recently debuted our new gold acrylic chandeliers for party and home. A few years back we had designed a mirror version that sold out very quickly. It was a metallic silvery mirrored chandelier that stood out and demanded attention. Our new gold chandeliers are truly one-of-a-kind and handmade. They are two pieces of gold acrylic hand-glued together to form a two-sided, mirrored gold acrylic. This gold chandelier is a decorative piece to keep and use for years to come. We made a limited run of this exclusive acrylic and are so excited to get this beauty out into the world and into your homes and parties.

In Your Home

Hang where the light can catch the high-grade crystal prism and gold acrylic. We promise rainbows and points of light everywhere in the room. Brighten up a window or corner, hang over a bar cart or even in the laundry room — just use a hook and hang.

Over Brunch

Gather your friends together for a brunch and hang over a table outside or inside. This tablescape features a Kate Spade theme for Spring.

Romantic Date Night

Consider how cute this set up is for date night in. Just hang and light some candles. Watch the shadows dance and enjoy catching up!

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