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Chic Decor on a Budget

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

It's easy to follow trends, but it's easier to follow your heart in what makes you happy. When I look back on my life so far it's clear there were signs I gravitated toward design at an early age. As a child, my father built me a small tree house between two trees. Simple little cottage with a slanted roof. I took scrap pieces of furniture, with the help of friends, who I made build furniture for the "house", and made a table and two bench chairs. I gathered rug scraps for the floor, had a "garden" and rock path. I was 10! Later, in college, I used a pink blanket as drapes for my freshman college dorm. I twisted and fanned it out, tied with velvet ribbons and had friends begging for me to do their spaces. (I would have died to have one of my chandeliers back then!)

It's easy to incorporate chic glamour into your life. Think outside the box for decorating. Here are some fun ideas for decorating with our fun chandeliers without breaking the budget.

1. An office

2. Tented Wedding

3. Party for a Little

4. Above a Table

5. Corner of a kid's bedroom

6. Gallery Space

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