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Dinner Party Chandeliers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

With social distancing the right thing to do now (June 2020 and beyond) until there is a vaccine — why not focus more and more on your home? I began this journey when I was looking for a chandelier I could buy for my apartment that did not require a light and was easy to put together.

Honestly, there was nothing like it! I set about to design some chandeliers with the hopes of using them myself, decorating my apartment space. Well the rest is history and here we are. So grab a little fishing wire that can hold more than 3lbs (even thought our chandeliers are lightweight) and hang a hook and there you go. A little punch of glamour and presence in any space in your home — inside or outside.

Tell me — how would you use this? What do you think of the chandelier over a table?

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