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Pink Parties for every occasion!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Our favorite color over here is Pink. It's in our logo. It's an integral part of our brand. It makes us feel alive and spreading good cheer. Our chandeliers pair perfectly with pink parties — we even had a hot pink chandelier that sold out recently. Using pink as focal point — over a dessert table, in a corner with balloons, as a decorative touch over a kid's table — the possibilities are endless with our acrylic chandeliers.

This pink party for Thimble Press, by Celebration Stylist and Fancy Nancy Party for Disney are fun ways to highlight our chandeliers and invoke fun


Take the color pink (hot, light, rose) and carry it through the elements of the table, decor, flowers and more. With a consistent color such as pink, it creates a cohesive whole for the eye.

Here’s how to have a fun, color-coordinated party:

  1. Get napkins or plates with the color

  2. Centerpiece with florals or cake

  3. cups and straws for kids parties with one element being the color pink

  4. Hang one of our chandeliers centered above table

  5. Throw in a complimentary color to pink (turquoise, green, yellow, black, white) as accent decor

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