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Kid's Decor Ideas

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

With the onslaught of social distancing and changing the norms (for now) on how to live your life —beautifying your home is more important than ever. Projects that have been put off because life go too busy (and I am guilty of that too!) are now taking center stage. It's a great chance for us to really look at our spaces inside and outside the home that have been neglected or been left bare. I call this time a positive chance to add color, texture and design to make a space more functional or playful — or both.

Spaces I have been focusing on are the kid spaces I have carved out for my daughter Lulu. Where do her toys fit, her books, her room feel? Is there a place for a chandelier (yes of course ours does!) in a reading nook or outside or above her bed? Could I use a chandelier above my bar — with a fun art print that pops? Where has a corner been overlooked or need new paint? Since we have to hunker down more — can you add decor and a little beauty whereas before you may not have had time for or noticed?

Elevated Impressions MA used our Turquoise Fancy Chandelier recently for a photography shoot and then later for her daughter's room. It's the perfect corner nook for a pop of color and some serious princess vibes.

Our sunny Yellow Octopus Chandelier works perfectly in a reading nook. No matter your age, that sweet Octopus is fun, modern and colorful!

This sweet princess loves her Gold Fancy Chandelier above her table. It makes her feel like a princess and helps bring a cohesive, sophisticated modern look to her bedroom. She can easily transition with it as she grows and changes.

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