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8 Ways to Use Our Chandeliers!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

1. They are perfect party decor. They require no lights, only a fun attitude and a place to hang from the ceiling. Having an Under the Sea themed party? Our Octopus Chandelier brings loads of fun and charm to any space, and comes in yellow and turquoise. 

2. They are reusable decor. If you are using our chandeliers for a party, they can easily transition to part of your home or garden space. I personally use them in the kitchen and in my office space, giving it a pop of color that's unexpected chic.

3. They can be used as mobiles in nurseries or playrooms. Kids spaces should always be fun, colorful and joyful. With our Fancy and Octopus chandeliers, they can brighten up a play tent, a reading nook, a nursery or a princess castle. Seriously all you need is some wire, s hooks (we provide those) and a place to hang. Did I mention they are super lightweight? Yup, 3 lbs. — Yes 3. 

4. They look great on a porch or patio. Since they are acrylic, they function well in hot or cold weather. Hang from a tree in the garden or on a patio space.

5. They are STUNNING sorority and dorm decor! Small spaces like apartments, dorms or a sorority house need that glitz glam pow of color and modern touch. Our chandeliers work well in a corner, over a bed, for a rush ceremony or sorority party, or hanging in a window (perfect place to create rainbows with our high-grade crystal)!

6. Perfect for weddings. Seriously the Fancy Chandelier was made for weddings. Hang over your bridal tables for a punch of color, or use them to decorate a dessert table. Instant chic!

7. Use for a spa, salon or boutique as window dressing. Have you been afraid to decorate with a lot of color, but wanting a pop of a color in a dark corner? Have you been wanting to make your office a little less dark, and a little more girly? Do you secretly love pink, but can't use it all over the house? Our chandeliers give you the ability to do it yourself. Easy to hang, easy to put away.

8. And lastly, they are a fun, modern twist on a traditional chandelier and they make people happy. What other reason do you need than to be happy with a little bit of color in your life?

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