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36 Room Designs for a NYC start up

Updated: Mar 29

Recently we had the opportunity to design 36 rooms in 3 price points: 3K,10K and 20K for a NYC startup called Roomie works with property managers to create to-scale 3D models of dorms, apartments, and homes. Users can drag and drop items into a perfect model of a space, see how they look / fit, buy them, and then have them waiting for them when they move in.

As the interior designer, Hey Girl Decor™ produced a portfolio of “Signature Designs” for customers to use for decorating inspiration and/or purchase as a one-click room bundle. The designs span a variety of aesthetic styles: modern, french country and traditional. We produced mood boards with product shopping lists for standard residential apartment spaces and worked with the 3D modeling team to stage virtual spaces with the bundles.

Hey Girl Decor™ expertise in staging, design, color and pattern helped craft and curate beautiful, modern and fun spaces for Roomie and their clients.

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