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Bar Cart Decorating

My new favorite thing to decorate in our house is the bar cart. I remember a bar cart my grandparents had. It had a million half used bottles on it, a glass jar of cherries and stirring sticks. It was mirrored and gaudy. I was appalled and amazed at the same time. Flash forward to me now, in my forties. I have a round bar cart (obsessed with this over the standard square/rectangle ones), and it's a beautiful shade of turquoise. I am having the most fun dressing it up and down, in a modern and glam way depending on the seasons and holidays.

If you don't have one, run not walk to get one. They are so affordable now and really do make quite the statement piece. You can literally use it anywhere. We used our new Heart Chandelier for a Valentine's Day celebration and our Gold Fancy with disco balls for the holidays.

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