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Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas

We love Disney over here. From working with Disney last year, to using our chandeliers for perfect Disney inspired birthday party themes — it’s easy to design a party.

Beauty and The Beast

First up, A Belle and The Beast Inspired Birthday Party from Jessica of Celebration Stylist. Let’s face it, princesses from Disney are the biggest thing for little girls. What is so great about our acrylic chandeliers is the princess vibe they give. Just hang one over the table for a fun princess party or over a dessert table in the corner. You don’t need to worry about lights — just need a hook and some wire.

Princess and Pancakes

How about planning a Princess and Pancake party with breakfasts food, balloons, a chandelier and a kid's table set up for a princess? I love the idea of pairing breakfast food like pancakes, which are every kid's favorite food and some princess touches for a fun birthday party idea! This party below by Five Whimsy Lane is soft pastels, golds and lots of pancakes.

Royal Swan Princess Party

Swans are on trend still and they are a fun idea to pair with princesses also for a creative birthday idea. Disney Princesses work so well under different themes and the colors can be endless to work with. The Royal Swan party by Five Whimsy Lane takes dress up with the moms and daughters and works in swans, crowns and light pastels into the party theme. Jamie used our White and Gold Fancy Chandeliers to bring attention to corners of the party under the tents. The outcome is so stunning and such a Disney Princess Party!

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